Canterbury Manor Stables

* Canterbury Schooling show dates are on the home page for 2016! 

* Canterbury summer camp dates just updated!!
2018 Canterbury Summer Camp 

 Registration is closed 

June Summer Camps are generally weekly  through June each year!

June summer camp is a full week of equine bliss!  You'll learn how to feed, groom, and clean up after "your" horse, as well as gain knowledge about horse health, conformation, history, training, equipment and more.  You'll have lots of time to practice and improve your riding skills.  You'll be surrounded by people who enjoy horses as much as you do.  And we'll finish up the week with a show to see how much you have progressed. 

Unfortunately the camp slots are full for this year, but it is fine to take a look at the forms and plan for 2019.   There are plenty of other opportunities to tap into some of that "Equine Bliss" all summer long!    There are plenty of lessons taking place throughout the summer, plus special events.  Feel free to use the email below to direct any questions to Vicky or Sandy at Canterbury Manor Stables.  Email to:





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